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when you see your idol in a banner in the train xD

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Time to reuse old background……..
Love this pic ♡♡

Say goodbye to JE

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Found this on pixiv, now it’s become my locksceen


Thanks for every little one of them, I’m at peace now I can wait patiently to see it myself



7 days to The Wedding The Rising

Why did I call it The Wedding? (Gotta admit that there are fans that drew the mimic of posters and tickets for The ‘Wedding’ months ago)

Here one of the reasons

I got 'Harmonized Finale' full and clear version yesterday and also found the translation of the lyrics »Here full song translation«

..Some phases from the song..

….I’m far past just ‘missing you’….

….I will chase after you, until the day I die….

….To bring salvation or to make you laugh….

….Sing to me, it doesn’t matter if we’re apart….

….To bring love or to laugh with you…

….Yet if there’s love still, we will see each other again….

….Clumsy or not, I must tell you those precious words here and now….

….How long have I begged so I could be with you?….

It’s the THEME song of the movie, it’s supposed to tell us how it’s like in the movie or the states of minds of the characters. And if it came out as this …sweet(?) and romantic(?)… why doesn’t Sunrise just postpone it for another week, then premiere it on Valentine’s Day instead?

Really, the phrase 「君を追いかけるよ たぶん死ぬまで」 “I’ll chase after you until I die” was stuck in my head.

p.s. I’m waiting for spoilers from pixiv